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Are you looking to sell your car in New Jersey?

Unlock the maximum value for your vehicle as we work our magic, combining fair prices, smooth paperwork handling, and a stress-free process. 

With us by your side, you'll enjoy top dollar for your car.  We are trustworthy and experienced car buyers with a passion for providing excellent service. 

We can save you time and effort of listing your car, negotiating with potential buyers, and dealing with strangers.

If you're ready to sell your car quickly and get the best value for it, let's chat.  We're here to offer you a seamless selling experience in New Jersey.

What customers say about us?

John Michaels

Great service was on time and was very kind I’ll give them 10 stars if I could

Maria Franchesca

On time and quick, very professional and just the easiest experience I have had getting rid of my junk vehicle in the charleston area

Rob Farella

These guys were on time, courteous and ready and able to put in the extra work to tow my car, this old Cadillac in particular, was very had to get on the wrecker most drivers would've quit but thanks for getting it outta the yard guys! Price was more than fair. Will definitely call ya next time and will give good word about y'all.

How to find us

301 Kerrigan Blvd
Newark, NJ 07106
peter @ cash-for-cars-nj.com
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